About Us

          The Huntington Public Library is located in a beautiful scenic small town in the foothills of the Berkshires along the Jacob’s Ladder Trail. It serves a rural population and surrounding communities at the edge of Hampshire and Hampden Counties. This population varies from established rural residents to professional people and people in nontraditional occupations. 
          As a rural small town, cultural and family entertainment may require a more deliberate, sometimes creative and less urban mainstream approach. For conventional movie cinemas, theaters, shopping malls and youth centers, one must commute a half hour to either Westfield or Northampton. This is why the Library functions as an essential space for community interaction and involvement, entertainment, recreation and education…a place parents are encouraged to bring their children to play board games or puzzles, teens can hang out with the latest graphic novels or magazines and surf the internet, anyone can order interlibrary loan books catering to their specific interest, and everyone can get help photocopying, faxing, accessing email and printing form the internet. We even have many popular museum passes for travels further afield!
          The Library’s primary mission is to provide quality recreational reading, viewing, and listening for its patrons. Its secondary role is to provide support for patrons seeking independent learning and formal education. We hope you will visit us soon.

You don’t have to be a resident of Huntington to get a library card or use the library and any one can use the computers, check out items or come in for our programs.

Our Board of Trustees| Karen Wittshirk (Chair), Linda Siska, Laurie Mikalunas